Winged Tutoring is a private tutoring institution, based in Cape Town, priding itself in quality, face-to-face tuition for school learners since 2015.

We cater for learners in Grades 1-12.

Our tutors travel to your home and we offer both individual and group sessions.

We are client centred and focus on tutoring students using methods that best suit each individual (Visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and others).


We start with a baseline assessment to establish areas of improvement and do monthly assessment to reassess progress and ensure effectiveness. 


Mathematics; English; Afrikaans; Life Sciences; Physical Sciences; Business Studies; Economics; Accounting; History; Geography; Music Theory; French & Spanish


Our tutors use worksheets, tests and past examination papers as part of their lesson plan to give a more practical approach to tutoring. 


A baseline assessment guides the priorities and areas of improvement. Tutors use two or more learning styles, as well as occupational therapy inputs. The output learning revolves around practicing exams, creating mind maps and various others.


If your child has difficulties in school work, concentration, handwriting, gross motor or fine motor skills (amongst others) please enquire into our OT services. 


Different students, require different approaches to learning. Winged offers various learning styles to cater for the needs of its clients.

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