Factors that Contribute to Academic Success and Failure

Academic success and failure are both relative terms in accordance with who is succeeding academically or who is failing. Typically academic success is used to describe learners who are top achievers however, Winged Tutoring places emphasis on acknowledging all successes. We view the most minor improvements as academic success because we know that the process behind achieving those successes, is not a walk in the park. Students dedicate themselves to obtaining improved results and therefore are worthy of being deemed as academically successful because they are actively trying to better their grades.

These 3 factors will contribute to even more academic success and helps avoid academic failure:

1) Student Engagement and Participation

For academic success to be possible it is necessary for both the student and instructor to engage, this means asking questions even if it is seems like the answer is obvious. You never know what response you might get, it might even include tips and tricks that you have never came across before. Participation is essential to academic success. It is much easier to do well if you participate while in class.

2) Be Prepared

Being prepared means you are always ahead, therefore if obstacles were to emerge you have the flexibility to overcome them. By not doing things just before it is due, it allows for extra time to complete tasks that might have been assigned at the last minute or if you have forgotten about a task (We are human, it happens).