Why is tutoring important?

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Tutoring, besides giving the one-on-one attention learners don't always get, equips children with learning and study skills that they will carry with them throughout their careers.

Here are 5 basic reasons you should consider when thinking about tutoring.

1. Customised learning experience

At school, learners receive standardised teaching methods. With tutoring, these methods are tailored to their learning style and specific needs.

Busy schedules can limit the time you are able to spend each week helping out with homework.  In addition, as children become older and their studies become more advanced, parents may not always be able to provide suitable assistance.  In both these cases, having a private tutor who has both the time and skills necessary can be a great help, benefiting both students and parents alike. (https://www.theeducator.com/blog/8-benefits-of-private-tuition-for-students/ )

2. Vital one-one-one attention

Teachers often have to stretch their attention to, up to, 30 learners at a time and some children go unnoticed. Tutoring allows children to be heard and their specific needs met.

3. Improves academic performance

The skills and resources learners receive through tutoring ready them for tests and exams. With tutoring, they work on specific problem areas that previously went unattended.

After participating in the program, tutors had lower dropout and absentee rates and higher self-concept scores than a randomly selected control group. Tutees also experienced improved reading scores, lower absentee rates, and fewer disciplinary referrals. [Robledo, M. clel R. (1 990)]

4. Attitudes change

Because learners are sometimes ignored and their questions go unanswered, they develop a dislike towards certain subjects or school as a whole. Tutoring shows them that learning can be fun. Their frustration decreases because they are constantly being encouraged and praised.

5. Improves self-esteem and confidence

With this constant encouragement and praise, the improvement in their results and the new attitude towards learning, children start feeling more confident and their self-esteem increases.

Winged Tutoring's lesson structure is based on occupational therapy principles and ensure that your child receives a unique tuition session.

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